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Neath RFC

Mike Cuddy’s decision to leave Neath Rugby has been warmly welcomed by the Neath Rugby supporters group which has recently expressed an interest in working with new investors to rescue the club from 3 years of ruinous mismanagement by Mr Cuddy.

The group has acknowledged the impact of financial difficulties and ill-health on Mr Cuddy and believes that his belated decision to leave “within weeks” is the best outcome for all concerned and great pre-Christmas news for all Neath Rugby supporters.

Neath Rugby Limited is currently facing further legal action in respect of unpaid debts, with another Winding Up Order hearing expected to take place early in 2019.

The supporters group has been in regular contact with Mr Cuddy for several months; whilst Mr Cuddy has repeatedly said that it is his intention to sell the club, no evidence of a potential sale has yet emerged.

Mr Cuddy was told last week by the supporters group that it was 100{2b3e04ec0b6eb92b9cdf5819b8d96bd58008016c6476931d41c44421e1531fdb} intent on doing everything possible to restore Neath Rugby to the people of Neath but had no interest in buying Neath Rugby Limited from Mr Cuddy.

Our message to Mr Cuddy is that we are ready and willing to take over the running of Neath Rugby as soon as he decides to leave.

The supporters group has emphasised throughout that the club must always become before any individual and that it will be delighted to assist any persons interested in investing in Neath Rugby with the aim of restoring its reputation both on and off the field.

Neath supporters are fearful that Mr Cuddy’s chaotic mismanagement of the club which has led to an exodus of players and coaches, mounting debts, a failure to comply with ground safety requirements and two postponed fixtures will result in Neath Rugby being relegated to the lowest division of the WRU for the first time in its 147 years of existence.