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Neath v Ospreys XV (Friendly)



The Ospreys came away from the Gnoll after achieving the Premier 4×4 Ospreys Challenge honours as Neath, Aberavon, Swansea and Bridgend face defeat within the game but triumph within their regional unity.

The Ospreys Challenge was a regional success as the multiple fans filed in to watch the Ospreys play against their four senior clubs for four 20 minute games.

  • First Game: Ospreys 0 – 0 Aberavon
  • Second Game: Ospreys 7 – 5 Bridgend Ravens
  • Third Game: Ospreys 7-0 Swansea
  • Fourth Game: Neath v Ospreys

The fourth and final game of the evening saw the Welsh all blacks enter the pitch to lock horns with the Ospreys.

Ospreys charge straight into Neath’s half as they battle hard on Neath’s 5m line seconds into the 20 minute game. Daf Howells, one of Neath’s Osprey allocations, looked promising as he made a quick break approaching the try line as Jordan Griffiths forced Daf into touch. An over thrown line out provided Neath with possession and opportunity to release the pressure from their 5m.

Number 10, Rhodri Cole made a break up the right hand side as he gained a few yards taking Neath into Ospreys half then passing the ball to number 4 Jesse Patton. But errors make for a loss of possession as Neath’s opportunity disappears.

But not for long as Neath battle forward gaining yard by yard searching for a gap within the Ospreys defence, number eight James Locks bursts through scoring the first try as Rhodri Cole successfully converted the try 7-0.

The Ospreys are straight back to business as they force themselves into Neath’s half as Sam Davies kicks to the corner. The Ospreys take a quick line out allowing Aisea Natoga to cross the line as Sam Davies successfully converts the try taking the score to an equal playing field at 7-7.

As Ospreys clashed against the Neath defence, Sam Davies nudges the ball through allowing Hanno Dirksen to inch towards the line as Neath continue to fight hard in order to prevent any more points being added. But Neath get too ambitious as the ref calls a penalty for not releasing allowing Ospreys to take a quick penalty as Hanno Dirksen receives the ball and dives over the try line. Sam Davies converted taking the final score to 14-7.

The game came to an early close due to Ospreys player, Rory Thornton receiving precautionary treatment following a bang to the head.


Date Time Season
August 19, 2014 7:00 pm 2014/15


The Lextan Gnoll


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