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Neath RFC

To all concerned

I want to say a big thank you to everyone for the support I have received whilst fulfilling my role as Head Coach of Neath RFC. It is one of the great rugby clubs in Wales and to be given such a privileged position has been a tremendous honour. Thanks to those who gave me the role.

The supporters have been outstanding throughout and their enthusiastic loyalty is a true indication of what the club means to so many people. You all deserve better and I’m sure good times will return.

My assistant coaches have been excellent, they are loyal, talented, diligent men who have great values. Paul / Paul and Neil (manager) it has been a real pleasure to work with you and I’m sure you have bright futures in Rugby. You are only as good as those people around you and I could have not worked with better people, I am so grateful for your hard work and support. I am a better man for working with you guys and appreciate the time we spent together. The back room, medical staff are dedicated and committed and have made constant valuable contributions, they have been part of a team that worked well in a challenging environment based on trust and mutual respect.The volunteers, club officials and members are all part of that team and help give the club its unique identity

The players have been a pleasure to work with – all of them. They have the best job in the world because they get the chance to play and wear the famous Neath jersey.They put their bodies on the line,every week, they have my utmost respect and very often those who are critical have never been out in the middle. I can’t fault their efforts and commitment and when placed in a very difficult situation made decisions that were right for them and their families. Something we would all do in similar circumstances. All good men and I wish them every success.

I am convinced that Neath RFC will bounce back and return to its rightful position in Welsh rugby. There are no givens and it will take a lot of hard work but in my time at the club I know that there are plenty of people whose passion, dedication and honesty will ensure this does happen.

I’m am grateful to have had honour to hold such a prestigious role at a great club, it’s been a fantastic experience and one I will cherish.

I wish all concerned good luck and best wishes for the future.

Thanks so much,

Simon King


Dear Simon,
I am genuinely saddened to receive this news but 100{2b3e04ec0b6eb92b9cdf5819b8d96bd58008016c6476931d41c44421e1531fdb} understand and accept your decision. I have only got to know you recently and I have to say that it has been a pleasure. In addition to you being a talented coach, you are a very genuine and honest person.

Thank you very much on behalf of Neath supporters and the operational team at the Club for your valued contribution in what have proved to be exceptionally difficult times for the playing squad and support team.

I very much hope that your coaching career goes from strength to strength and that what you have experienced at The Gnoll in recent months will stand you in good stead in the future.

With very best wishes,

Graham Jones
On Behalf of Neath Rugby Volunteer Operational Team