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Neath RFC

We are thrilled to announce that The Lextan Gnoll will soon be the home of the Welsh Rugby League for all age groups! 🏴

This new chapter starts with Wales U16s facing England U16s on August 3rd. Mark your calendars for Grand Finals Day on August 18th, featuring matches from Under 12s to Men’s seniors.
Neath RFC is honoured to partner with WRL to develop the sport and its players in Wales. We’re proud to collaborate with an ambitious board that shares our goals and community values. 💪🤝

The Lextan Gnoll is the perfect venue to nurture Rugby League in Wales, with our passionate fans and the many legendary players from Neath who have excelled in both codes at the highest level. 🏆🏉

We are buzzing with anticipation for all the plans and developments ahead. There’s a lot of work to prepare the stadium for these games and the upcoming Neath season, but the future looks incredibly black! 🌟

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