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Neath RFC

The difficulties experienced by Neath Rugby on and off the field show no sign of coming to an end because of the Cuddy family’s reluctance to part company with Neath Rugby Limited, claim Neath Rugby’s supporters.

With a Winding Up Order court hearing scheduled for Wednesday 30th January, it is understood that Neath Rugby Limited is currently being sold, as promised by former Director Mike Cuddy several months ago.

It is hoped that the club will eventually return to, and be run by, its supporters.

Mike Cuddy was declared bankrupt last week; his wife Simone subsequently became the sole Director of Neath Rugby Limited.

All Neath Rugby supporters call upon Simone Cuddy to dispose of her family’s interest in Neath Rugby as soon as possible. They believe that each day which passes with the club controlled by the Cuddy family continues to place 148 years of history at risk.

Neath Rugby has survived Mike Cuddy abandoning all day to day involvement in the club some 6 weeks ago only because of the input made by volunteers, a new coaching team and because of the outstanding leadership shown by club captain Aaron Bramwell; the playing squad has mostly been funded by volunteers to ensure that the club has fulfilled its recent fixtures after 3 earlier games needed to be postponed.