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Neath RFC

Many NEATH RFC supporters will be familiar with the “Hollow Tree” situated in Gnoll Country Park.
Few will know that this tree has been shortlisted with the Woodland Trust for the ‘Best Tree in Wales’ 2017.

NEATH RFC SUPPORTERS can help NEATH win by voting for our tree by clicking on the site:

Look under WALES for The Hollow Tree. Voting closes 8th October 2017.

The Hollow Tree
Gnoll Country Park, Neath
Gnoll Estate Country Park was once owned and lived on by a wealthy industrial family called the Mackworths. Today the Estate has been developed into a country park surrounded by a beautiful 18th Century landscaped garden, open green spaces and wild woodlands. A popular feature is an ancient oak tree that has been completely hollow since at least the 1950s. It has recently been fitted with bars to support the structure. The tree has managed to survive in this condition and each summer produces a full and healthy crop of leaves and acorns. Generations of children have played imaginatively in this magical, mystical tree. Ask any local grandparent what it means to them and they will tell you of their warm childhood memories of this tree and how their own children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren have played in it too. It is a truly miraculous tree so vote for NEATH’s Hollow Tree.